Team Sponsors:

Along with the chance to sponsor your team's page and give viewers a chance to read about your business, you can choose to host banners along the top of the website pages!

Click here for a represenation of what sponsoring a team page means to you, as a sponsor.

In addition to sponsoring a team page, there are three different sizes of banners to choose from, with larger options allowing a bigger canvas to work with.

Small, or 1/3-banner spots display three to a banner and are sized at 88x320 pixels.

Large, or 1/2-banner spots are shown two at a time per page view, and are sized at 88x481 pixels.

Full banner spots are allowed the entire lengh of the page, sized at 88x969 pixels.

Interested in taking advantage of the banners, but don't want to get involved with graphics editing programs? No problem! We can take a logo and a slogan and go to work creating your banner. Just let us know!


Sponsor +

Sponsor Plus places your company's logo and information on your sponsored team's page. For an example, click this link.


Small Banner

A small banner is 1/3 the length of the site, and shows on every page of the site except for Sponsor+ team pages and the Home page.


Half Banner

A small banner is 1/2 the length of the site, and shows on every page of the site except for Sponsor+ team pages and the Home page.


Full (Home Page) Banner

The full banners run the entire length of the page, and will show on the Home page. This is the only style of banner shown there. Sponsors who invest in this level of involvement can also utilize the Small Banner at half-cost ($10.00).


Complete Sponsorship Package

This price point reflects the total cost of advertising to a sponsor who wishes 1 Full Front-Page Banner, 1 Small Site-Wide Banner, and the Sponsorship+ Team Page - refer to these sections individually for further details.

Of course, you as a sponsor are not limited to just these five options - banners can be reserved in multiple quantities and sizes. If there are any questions about pricing, feel free to contact Alphabyte by emailing!

Extra-League Sponsors:

If you're a business local to the Watertown area and would like to be involved with the Watertown Volleyball, Inc. website, feel free to contact us. Team Sponsors will technically receive priority, but we would certainly like to help you get the word out about your business!

Sponsorship Ratios and Limits

Current sponsorship costs will be listed on the Sign Up sheet.

Ratios are currently set evenly between 1/3 and 1/2 banners. The home page will display full banners exclusively.

In order to give each sponsor a valuable ad-space, full banners are limited to the first 15 participants. There will be no effective limit for participation on 1/3 and 1/2 banners, which will display site-wide.

A sponsor will be allowed to purchase a maximum of three unique Small banners, three unique Large banners, and one full banner. A sponsor may choose any or all of these options, for a total maximum of seven banners across all layouts.

If you have any questions about the sponsorship program, please contact, as Alphabyte will be handling website-related matters!